Posted by: JWP | 10/21/2009

The Final Solution

The MILF did help the army to identify who kidnapped an Irish priest. They did this largely to avoid getting blamed (in the form of an MILF faction going rogue, which is fairly common.) The chief suspect turned out to be a notorious (and elusive) pirate (Guingona Samal, who, with his gang, regularly robbed boats operating off the Zamboanga Peninsula in the south.)  Samal is now believed to be the guy who kidnapped the Italian priest two years ago. Despite MILF assistance, it’s believed that a MILF faction is providing protection for the kidnappers, and their hostage.

MILF has something else to worry about. A growing number of Christian Filipinos back an escalation of military operations, to simply attack and destroy the MILF, and keep fighting any surviving rebels that resort to guerilla warfare. The MILF cannot win this kind of fight, and it has been avoided for so long because the majority did not want to pay the price in lives and money to carry it out. But after decades of violence in the south, many Christians are losing hope for a peaceful solution.



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