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Memorial service for 2 US soldiers

Oct 22nd, 2009. Filed under Articles/Stories

Posted By The News Team @ Manila Mail

ZAMBOANGA CITY – US Ambassador Kristie Kenney flew here Oct. 3 to lead the memorial service for two US soldiers and a Filipino Marine in the roadside landmine explosion in Sulu Sept. 29.

Killed in the explosion that wrecked their Humvee were US Special Forces Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Shaw of Markham, Illinois, 37; and Staff Sergeant Jack Martin 3rd of Bethany, Oklahoma, 26. The identity of the Filipino Marine was withheld.

At the service held in private at the JSOTF-P base in the Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom), Kenney said: “I want to console the families of the soldiers, one of them was a father of five children, and the other with a wife, but they are all sons and brothers to me,” Kenney said. “So I want to be here to console our team who lost lives.”

“We want to remember the two who died. Gen. (Benjamin) Dolorfino joined us as well because there (was a) Philippine Marine who died as well,” Kenney said. Dolorfino is the Westmincom chief.  More

You can Follow Ambassador Kristie Kenny on twitter @KristieKenney



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