Posted by: JWP | 10/25/2009

The deal with the MOA

the excerpt below is what the Moro Islamic Liberation Front want and will not get.

The petitioners in the Supreme Court were areas opposing their inclusion in the coverage of a Muslim homeland that the MOA proposed to create. Among others, the petitioners said they were not consulted about their proposed inclusion in the Bangsamoro homeland which will they said would be governed practically by the MILF through the proposed Bangsamoro Juridical Entity. more

These are the towns and cities that refuses to get caught with their pants down if you get my drift…

The mayor of Zamboanga, Celso Lobregat, along with Iligan City mayor Lawrence Cruz and North Cotabato deputy governor Emmanuel Pinol had opposed the memorandum of agreement on the Muslim ancestral domain, saying it was without public consultations, an allegations denied by the government and rebel peace negotiators. more

So what do we do? As long as  these cities have a Christian in charge (you can tell by their names) the  Milf will not get what they want.  So it is very important to get out of bed and go vote on election day or you may just wake up one morning with a Muslim mayor and a loud call to prayers! Not to mention the kidnap for ransom of Christians……should I go on.  Thats why their rogue commanders are on a kidnapping spree. They need money to fund their jihad. Check this story out and you will know what I mean.

Moros keeping a close eye on Gov Pinol debacle here


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