Posted by: JWP | 11/08/2009

Abducted school principal beheaded

By Abigail Kwok

First Posted 09:54:00 11/09/2009

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE 3) Abductors beheaded the 36-year-old Jolo school principal who was seized last October 20, the military said on Monday.

The severed head of Gabriel Canizares was recovered at a gas station in Jolo town at around 5 a.m., said Major David Hontiveros, spokesman of the Western Mindanao Command. more

MILF chief’s arrest linked to teacher’s beheading

Teachers angry, fearful over school chief’s murder

Request to turn over rebels in Irish priest kidnap case likely to be rejected

BusinessWorld Online 11/09/09

ZAMBOANGA CITY — A ranking official of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) said they would likely reject a government request to turn over six members whom police investigators alleged as having knowledge in the abduction of Irish priest Michael Sinnott, raising the ante on the word war between the rebels and security forces in the region that is feared to affect plans to restart stalled peace talks.

Mohagher Iqbal, MILF chief negotiator, said there is no mechanism in any agreement with the government that requires them to turn over members suspected of having knowledge or being involved in criminal acts. more ( now thats a F!@#$% up  statement. Why even bother working for peace with these people. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be meeting Pres Arroyo on Nov 12. I wonder if Clinton will go to bed with the Milf as evident here and here and with the report of an invitation here)


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