Posted by: JWP | 11/15/2009

The dreaded Ilaga

The government should not wait for non-Muslim inhabitants of Mindanao to feel cornered and retaliate with full force.

It should prevent a repeat of what happened in the early 1970s when Christian settlers in Cotabato rose up against Muslim rebels and fought with all their might.

And since Christians outnumbered the Muslims, naturally the fight went in favor of the former.

The Muslims cried genocide.

That’s the reason Libyan strongman Muammar Khadaffy, hearing of the reported genocide in Mindanao, sent arms and financial aid to the Moro National Liberation Front -MNLF (video assault on gov troops)

The fact is the Christians, banding themselves into an armed group and calling themselves ilaga (rats), had lost their patience with the oppressive Muslims and fought back.

And their leader was:

Priest-killer Norberto Manero, who was given VIP treatment while in prison until his release.

Manero led a band of Christian vigilantes now called “Ilaga” and held the MNLF at bay while the government in Manila was training troops to fight in Mindanao

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