Posted by: JWP | 12/17/2009

Gov’t has competition: Armed group also searching for hidden arms Maguindanao

GMA NEWS 12/15/2009 | 07:49 PM

They are not the only ones looking for hidden firearms and ammunition in Maguindanao. Another group is trying to beat authorities to at least one such arms cache, a military official in the province said Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Michael Samson, spokesman for Army units in Maguindanao, said members of the 46th Infantry Battalion engaged some 50 armed men in a 20-minute firefight Monday night in Bagong village in Shariff Aguak town.

Samson said the troops were sent on patrol to the village to check information about an armed group that was reportedly digging in the area when they were fired upon at around 9 p.m.

In the ensuing firefight, Samson said, there were no Army casualties although intelligence reports indicated that one of the armed men was killed and several others wounded.

When the troops returned to the site on Tuesday morning, Samson said, they found half-buried weapons protruding from a pit.

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