Posted by: JWP | 12/20/2009

Philippines’ biggest warlord has AFP, PNP for its private army

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 23:14:00 12/20/2009

THE PAGBABAGO! PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT for Change joins the nation in denouncing in the strongest possible terms the Maguindanao massacre. We also denounce the apparent lack of swift action and serious effort on the part of Malacañang and the Philippine National Police to go after the perpetrators of the worst election-related violence in the country’s history.

We demand justice for the victims and their families. This means not only arresting those directly responsible for the mass slaughter of unarmed civilians. For us, justice entails making liable all those responsible for creating the climate of impunity that has allowed local warlords like the Ampatuan clan to do as they please without fear of retribution from the law. For this, we hold the Arroyo administration accountable as well for the gruesome killing of at least 57 people including women, journalists and lawyers in Maguindanao.

The Arroyo administration is the biggest warlord in this country, employing the AFP and the PNP as its own private army. Its policy and practice of extrajudicial killings and political repression of perceived enemies, using the State’s security forces, machinery and resources, and its policy of cover-up have obviously emboldened the Ampatuans.

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