Posted by: JWP | 12/23/2009

P400M stolen from Ampatuan vault

By Ramon Tulfo

Philippine Daily Inquirer 12/21/09

SOME P400 MILLION WAS stolen by people who first got to the mansion of the Ampatuans in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, according to my sources in Camp Crame.

The sources said the amount was inside the vault of the mansion.

Army soldiers were the lead troops in securing the Ampatuan mansion because of the martial law situation in the province. Martial rule has since been lifted.

One of the sources said the vault in the Ampatuan mansion is as big as that of a bank.

It should be, since the Ampatuans bought some vaults from a bank that went bankrupt several years ago, according to sources.

The Ampatuans didn’t believe in the banking system and kept their money in the vaults of their mansions in Maguindanao and Davao City.

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Their money?…No. It’s the people’s  money!

CoA orders special audit for ARMM 12/17/09

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  1. the ampatuans were able to hide the stacks of monies and most probably it would be more than a billion! not 400 millions.

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