Posted by: JWP | 12/25/2009

Turkish Foreign Minister receives Moro Islamic Liberation Front delegation

Today’s Zaman 12/24/09

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu met on Thursday with Chairman Haci Murat İbrahim of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) (Philippines) and its executive for foreign affairs Adnan Alim.

Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Burak Özügergin, responding to a question about the meeting, said Davutoğlu briefed MILF executives about the peace process and the “International Contact Group” which was established aiming to provide international support to peace talks that resumed between the government of the Philippines and MILF.


Give credit where credit is due: We would like to cite the  Moro Islamic Liberation Front for the rescue of Basilan State College vice president here. However there is the question of the jailbreak in Basilan here.  A P2M bounty for the recapture of Comd’r Laksaw who was implicated in the beheadings of 10 marines here.

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