Posted by: JWP | 12/27/2009

Maguindanao congressman?s house bombed

ABS-CBN – Sunday, December 27 via Yahoo News Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — An improvised bomb exploded Sunday early evening in front of the house of Maguindanao 1st district Rep. Didagen Dilangalen in Cotabato City.

The improvised explosive device (IED) was reportedly placed at the perimeter wall of the house of Dilangalen in Kabuntalan Street, Barangay Rosary Heights 3, Cotabato City and exploded 6 p.m..

A cousin of the congressman, Mayor Ramil Dilangalen of Northern Kabuntalan in Maguindanao, said the legislator had just arrived in his Cotabato City house from Davao City. After 15 minutes the bomb exploded, said the Northern Kabuntalan mayor.

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