Posted by: JWP | 01/06/2010

Alleged mass grave found anew in Maguindanao; gunmen allegedly set on fire at least seven houses

January 7, 2010

Security forces have pinpointed another mass grave of several people who were believed to have also fallen prey on the alleged ruthlessness of the Ampatuan family when the powerful clan was still lording over Maguindanao.

Senior Superintendent Alex Lineses, acting chief of the Maguindanao Police, said they immediately secured the alleged mass gravesite located at the town proper of Datu Hoffer in Maguindanao as soon as they received the information.

“We have already secured the area. We are just waiting for the go signal from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) for us to start the digging,” said Lineses in a phone interview.

Lineses said they have yet to identify how many bodies were buried in the area. Lineses added that the killings may have occurred as far as 2001.

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