Posted by: JWP | 01/09/2010

Moro Islamic Liberation Front member arrested for looting in Maguindanao

Police want curfew imposed in Maguindanao amid lootings

Abs-CbnNEWS 01/09/2010

MANILA, Philippines – Police are urging the Maguindanao provincial government to implement a 12-hour curfew to address increasing incidents of looting in the province.

Superintendent Alex Lineses, acting provincial police director, said police and military units have been conducting 24-hour patrol operations since lootings started in the province, which is under a state of emergency.

Lineses said the group responsible in “isolated” looting incidents is composed of at least 20 people. He said the same group could have been responsible in the looting of the Commission on Election’s office in Shariff Aguak, the province’s capital town.

He added that security forces were able to arrest one looter, who is a member of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. He said the separatist group has confirmed that the looter is their member.

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