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Peace with Moro Islamic Liberation Front? no problem but….

GRP-MILF talks resuming? Good, but…

Manila Times 02/03/10


The MILF leaders must realize that, if to secure peace in Mindanao, so that the Philippines can become a more useful partner in Asean growth, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, and for that matter the other Muslim countries, would not make a big fuss if the central government imposes peace in Mindanao by crushing all rebel armies.

So, the MILF leaders had better not demand what we suspect they really want: The dismemberment of the Philippines, the separation of MILF-designated provinces, towns and barangays from the Republic of the Philippines and their formation into another state and country. That will ignite war in Mindanao. A historical development very much destructive of the “Asian Century” that includes our part of Asean as an important partner of the other regions of Asia.

The Arroyo administration, and the administration that succeeds it, must not forget this assessment in handling the question of peace in Mindanao.

Power-sharing nonsense But what is this “powering-sharing” nonsense that we hear from the government’s chief negotiator, Madam Annabelle Abaya?

According to her, the GRP has offered the MILF separatist rebels “enhanced autonomy” for the Filipino Muslims. She is reported to have said the offer is being made in the hope of sealing a peace accord to end 40 years of rebellion.

Reality and truthfulness are the only way God can bless these negotiations. The previous effort to have a partially approved section of a general and final peace accord ended in chaos and war because the negotiators then either tried to fool the MILF side and the Filipino people, and even their boss, President Arroyo. So they even invited the ambassadors of the major countries involved in the Mindanao peace process to witness the signing by the two panels of the already initialed memorandum of agreement on the ancestral domain of the Bangsamoro People and the creation of the so-called Bangsamoro Juridical Entity.

It is a document that absolutely serves to undermine the integrity of the Republic of the Philippines. That completely violates the Philippine Constitution. That insensitively partitions provinces, towns and barangays to the dismay and anger of both Christian and Muslim-Filipinos well-settled as friends, neighbors, business partners and cooperators in development projects.

It resulted in the outbreak of fighting—started by so-called rogue elements or disobedient commanders of the MILF who killed Christians and Muslims, burned their homes, and displaced thousands of families, when the Supreme Court—as any dolt would have known—found the MOA-AD unconstitutional.

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