Comelec to shuffle ‘Garci Boys’

By Christine Avendaño Philippine Daily Inquire 02/17/2010

MANILA, Philippines—More than 50 field personnel of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), including five with alleged links to ex-Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano of “Hello Garci” fame, will be reassigned before the May 10 polls.

Hello Garci -how Arroyo won the presidency

‘Garcified’—the Maguindanao 2004 election results @ Fil-Global Fellows

AFP modernization drive sputters 01/08/2007

Favored suppliers bag AFP deals 01/09/2007

RP peacekeepers dealt ‘unkindest cut of all’ 01/10/07

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Arroyo net worth up by P79 M since becoming president

By Edson C. Tandoc Jr. Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 13:46:00 04/30/2010

MANILA, Philippines – Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo grew richer by more than P79 million since becoming President in 2001, her 2009 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth showed.

Her 2009 SALN filed on Thursday with the Office of the Ombudsman showed that Arroyo’s net worth was P145.791 million, up by only P1.251 million from 2008 but higher by more than P79 million compared to the net worth of P66.784 million that she declared in her first SALN as President which was filed in April 2002. more

A shameful legacy

Pilippine Daily Inquirer 03/12/2010


NINE YEARS AFTER IT OUSTED A CORRUPT PREsident Joseph Estrada, the Philippines is back where it started. According to the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, based on a survey of foreign businessmen, the Philippines was the fourth most corrupt among 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. That was the exact same ranking the country had in 2001 when the survey covered only 12 countries. Only Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam fared worse this time. read more…

Christian leaders around world protest arrests

INQUIRER.net 02/14/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Christian leaders around the world have condemned the arrest of 43 health workers, including a church worker, and said they are worried about reports that the detainees are being tortured.

Reverend Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches, joined other church leaders in expressing his concerns in a February 11 letter addressed to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and members of her cabinet.

10 private armies dismantled; crackdown continues

SOPHIA DEDACE, GMANews.TV 02/09/2010

At least 10 private armed groups have been dismantled across the country since the government launched a crackdown on such organizations following the Nov. 23 massacre in Maguindanao province, police said on Monday.

4 DPWH execs in Quezon to face plunder charges 01/26/10

Ampatuan victim’s widow calls on Arroyo for justice 01/24/10

‘End culture of impunity,’ global media group asks RP gov’t 01/24/10

1 of 2 Filipinos unhappy with Arroyo administration 01/11/10

Solon assails Arroyo government for earning from rice imports 01/08/2010

PGMA names members of commission to dismantle private armies 12/31/09 @ YahooNews Phil

RP foreign debt rises to $53.1B 12/30/09 @ inquirer

Philippine politician wounded in another attack 12/30/0 9 Google hosted news

1 month after massacre, RP govt hit for ignoring UN reso vs impunity 11/23/09 GMA News

The International Crisis Group (ICG) on the massacre in Maguindanao:

Associated Press via Google hosted News 12/22/09

The International Crisis Group, a prominent Brussels-based think tank, said Monday that Arroyo’s political backing of the Ampatuans, who helped her win crucial Maguindanao votes during the 2004 elections, has allowed the warlord clan to flourish dangerously for years in Maguindanao, a predominantly Muslim province about 560 miles (900 kilometers) south of Manila.

Arroyo’s administration allowed “a local despot” to “amass great wealth and unchecked power, including the possession of a private arsenal … in exchange for votes at election time,” the ICG said.

Arroyo’s aides have acknowledged her close alliance with the Ampatuans but said that did not authorize the clan to commit any crime. The Ampatuans were expelled from Arroyo’s ruling party after the killings.   read more

Arroyo Cabinet was behind the death threat – Sen Miriam Defensor Santiago 12/21/09 GMA News

Philippines’ biggest warlord has AFP, PNP for its private army 12/20/09

Arroyo: Martial law averted civil war in Maguindanao 12/16/09 Manila Standard Today

Arroyo’s First Public Speech Regarding Martial Law in Maguindanao 12/14/09 via @ filipinovoices.com

Arroyo, Kenny to inaugurate Jolo airport 12 /13/09 @ Sun Star Zamboanga

In the shadow of Arroyo’s warlords 12/12/09 @ Sydney Morning Herald

8 protesters nabbed during Arroyo visit to Calamba 12/11/09 @ Inquirer

Senate to unmask political warlords

Contextualizing human rights in the Philippines: A Reader 12/10/09 @ Asian correspondent

Palace knew about Ampatuan ‘chainsaw killings’ 12/10/09

Editorial: Mindanao peace

Arab News 12/10/09


Back in Manila some legislators have been uneasy at the suspension of civil rights. But the real concern arises from the fact that the administration is starting to treat the behavior of the Ampatuan clan as a rebellion, rather than as a sordid crime on mass murder. This matters because as a member of the country’s constitutional commission has warned, if the Ampatuans are found guilty of rebellion, rather than murder, then they could in fact be pardoned by Arroyo.  read more

The Ampatuans Could be GMA’s Redemption 12/08/09 @ filipino voices

Shame and scandal in the family – A ’05 report worth the read @ PCIJ

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s face surrounded by other notorious human rights violators including Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. read on

Arroyo legacy stained with blood

By Amando Doronila

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 04:14:00 12/02/2009

When President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced on Monday that she is running for Congress in May, she settled the issue of whether she is stepping down from the presidency next year. But she also made clear that she is not retiring from politics. “Public service” (her code word for politics) is in her genes, she said.

The announcement triggered a storm of criticism from her political foes who fear that her going to Congress spells trouble for the country. They claim that she would use her position as representative of the second district of Pampanga as a platform to destabilize the next administration, or use it to seek immunity from criminal prosecution for possible corruption charges allegedly committed during her presidency.

The President made the announcement just seven days after the massacre of 57 people in Maguindanao by an armed group linked to the Ampatuan family, a Mindanao warlord allied to her. The massacre was the biggest and most brutal election-related blood-letting ever seen in the country in the post-war years. more

Editorial: Arroyo’s twisted sense of friendship 11/30/09 Sun Star

Arroyo to Run for Philippine Congress @WSJ (She is not finished filling her pockets…deep pockets she has)

Arroyo Administration Flunks Corruption Test Anew 11/22/09 Herald news

Arroyo to lead Asean in talks with Obama (Obama is giving credibility to a tainted leader)

Arroyo arrives in Singapore

APEC Leaders Retreat

The Arroyo Regime’s Anatomy of Despotism click

Clinton asked to speak on Arroyo’s rights record

By Jerry E. Esplanada

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 13:43:00 11/09/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Militant groups have challenged US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “take a stand on the human rights record of the Arroyo administration.”

“What does she have to say about the government-instigated extrajudicial killings of activists, the involuntary disappearances and torture even of an American citizen like Melisssa Roxas under the Arroyo administration? What does she have to say about the climate of impunity that continues to prevail?” asked the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT).  more

Canadian trade minister to visit Philippines 11/10/09 Inquirer

‘Make HR agenda at meeting with Arroyo,’ Fil-Ams urge Clinton Nov 08, 2009 Dateline Phil

Arroyo’s 2010 bid draws backlash on the Web

By Christian V. Esguerra

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 20:54:00 11/01/2009

MANILA, Philippines — There may be a reported “clamor” for President Macapagal-Arroyo to run for Congress among her “cabalen,” (province mates) but the cyberspace constituency is against it.

People opposed to the idea of Ms Arroyo running for a congressional seat in next year’s elections have made their position very clear on websites such as http://www.digitalmabuhay.com.

“Ikaw ba naman ang ganid sa kapangyarihan (Well, if one were greedy for power…),” commented one online community member, who added that the President would not likely settle for becoming an “ordinary” citizen after 2010 because she feared prosecution for corruption. more

To foreigners, the country stinks 10/30/2009

How do you define corruption? here Transparency Int’l

Shameful. Trickle down corruption here. Inquirer 10/28/09

Apparently there is a website set up specifically to distort the truth about Arroyo’s administration. The website will expire in 2011. You can read about it here.

A commentary on the Philippines @ Washington times dated October 14/09.

This is an excerpt:

A retired U.S. military officer with long experience in Asia said that “the fundamental problem in the Philippines is that the Philippine government has not figured out how to help the people, to pick up the garbage and to educate the children.”

It goes on to say:

From all accounts, Philippine and foreign, corruption is pervasive throughout the archipelago. Renaud Meyer, a representative of the United Nations Development Program in Manila, was quoted in the Philippine press earlier this year as saying corruption “is a primary obstacle in the effective delivery of public services and fulfillment of basic rights.” more

I found an article written by the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON). It says that arroyo did more harm than good after the Ondy or ketsana typhoon. Here.  And on here is a poll on Arroyo’s foreign trips.  So I don’t know what is  all the hoopla about PGMA signing climate change. She is corrupt. She can sign as many documents as she want, we all know it is not going to stick. It was just another  show….

NBN DEAL inquirer

Arroyo Corruption Page. Must see here

Can President Arroyo explain her wealth? click 08/10/2009

If you have any questions or rants for MIke Arroyo this is his tweeter account @mikeyarroyo


Arroyo appoints  spokeswoman as head of  Presidential adviser on the Peace Process here 10/23/09

I just have to put this here RT: CVP1960 RT @mlq3: RT @lord_dracula: I still think that all the rage against Erap’s candidacy should be best directed at the person who pardoned him click 10/22/09

The failing state 10/09/09

Human Rights Watch: Philippine courts hampering death squad probe 10/07/09

Philippine courts are not cooperating in the investigation of vigilante killings that have claimed nearly 1,000 lives in the country’s south, Human Rights Watch said.

The New York-based rights watchdog said in a statement that judges had delayed judicial proceedings and denied search warrants, while investigators into the killings had been harassed with criminal charges. MORE


Int’l Labor Org Asked Philippines to Probe Extra Judicial Killings 10/01/09 Inquirer

Turkey Sept. 17, 2009

Asia’s most corrupt countries 9/7/09

Libya Aug. 31, 2009

With Obama  July 30, 2009

Events of 2008

The Philippines is a multiparty democracy with an elected president and legislature, a thriving civil society sector, and a vibrant media. Several key institutions, including the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, however, remain weak.

Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances  MORE

Sabah claim far from being resolved

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